Make your way through the last surviving sentient beings on earth. As they try to tear you to pieces. You play as a a Glitch who is obssesed with discovering the meaning of life. 


[Z] - Defeat gravity, Jump, jump, and jump.

[w] - Jump

[x] - Shoot some Baddies.

[Space] - Restart/start


Use the jump button to "levitate" through the level instead of running through the level.


Special thanks to my friends at Lightningjar for all the help and support.

Greg Borrelly - Programming , Design, Art(opengameart & modified assets from itch)

Holland Albright - Composer, Music. 


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love the glitch effect and the ease-out effect on those projectiles - fun mini game!

Amazing job man!! Congrats

Thank you  mate, its my first game so I'm quite thrilled to have finished it.  : )  

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Really nice work on the music, the game is really good, I see some idea, like the camera vibration when a ennemy  dead, or the missile that  follow the ennemy, good job guys :D .

Thank you !!!